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Fitness Forward’s Playbook approach begins with idealized strategic planning, to understand all the theoretical ways healthy lifestyles could be promoted. With this approach, Fitness Forward identifies all the key drivers of lifestyle behaviors in a given educational setting, which all could be addressed under ideal circumstances

Then, with specific knowledge of a location’s unique circumstances, a realistic Gameplan can be created for that location, drawing from ‘plays’ in the Playbook. In this way, we can tailor the optimal suite of programs to the specific type of educational setting and school.

This is a typical Playbook overview, in this case for K-12 schools. Fitness Forward uses this process to create a customized Gameplan by identifying the most pressing needs and optimizing:

1.) the selection of useful Fitness Forward programs;

2.) the mix of partnerships-- for example, Harvard’s Planet Health is the most well studied healthy lifestyles intervention for standardized test courses in junior high schools. While Fitness Forward might have programs for other areas, we also want to facilitate use of other best practice programs for areas where we don’t have expertise; and

3.) the allocation of resources to creating custom programs which fill any remaining major gaps to promoting healthy lifestyles.

To learn more about the Playbook, click on each possible intervention target to see which programs are available to address them. Also see the Surgeon General's Call to Action regarding obesity and schools.

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